Newtown School Shooting and the Obama CIA Connection

newtown school shooting

The connection between the Sandy Hook school shooter and the cia.

The Newtown, Connecticut school shooting was absolutely horrible, but if you knew there were government connections behind it – wouldn’t you think it was even more horrible? Well that’s what our sources are saying.

Although Adam Lanza was an known troubled teen in a state with the toughest gun laws, he had access to legal guns through his mother, Nancy. Our sources say Nancy may have been connected to the CIA, and her records of employment and gun ownership may prove a distinct correlation with covert government entities via Wallstreet. Adam’s psychologist also has a potential connection to the CIA, through participation in government backed programs concerning mental health and related subjects.

At this point, our sources can only comment in a vague manner, but soon the truth will come out. Stay tuned peeps….and do your own research! Think “Manchurian Candidate”…”Obama Gun Laws”.

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2 Responses to Newtown School Shooting and the Obama CIA Connection

  1. ciaconnected says:

    The fast response of your comment of your comment either means you know the score and are part of the future mission or you are CIA. Either way – you’d better be prepared for a fight!

  2. ciaconnected says:

    If you want to connect with us…let me know. We are the American Undergrounders.

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